Ben & Jerry's boycott of "Occupied Palestinian Territories" represents "a new form of terrorism," Israeli President Isaac Herzog said Wednesday. New York Post
VOA VIEW: B&J should be boycotted by all.
Former President Donald Trump urged House Republicans Wednesday to block the Democrats' $3.5 trillion budget resolution from passing the Senate after a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan failed an initial test vote. New York Post
VOA VIEW: GOP must stop the horrific Dem slush fund.
Last week, the Senate Education Committee held a confirmation hearing for a woman who has arguably done more than any other government official to fan the flames of America’s culture war: Catherine Lhamon. President Joe Biden has nominated Lhamon to return for a second stint as assistant secretary in the Department of Education’s Office for... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden wanted to make progressives happy.


American and German officials announced an agreement Wednesday allowing the completion of a controversial natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, outraging Republican lawmakers who see the deal as a further concession by the Biden administration to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In a joint statement outlining the agreement terms, Washington and Berlin vowed to counter... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden is giving in to Putin.
The United States has extended Mexico and Canada border restrictions on nonessential travel yet again into August.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: No big deal - Biden has open borders.
Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a directive restricting Justice Department contact with the White House to prevent political interference.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: This is a Dem deceptive move.
The Biden administration wants states to speed up getting federal dollars to millions of renters as the country braces for fallout when a pandemic-related eviction moratorium ends in less than two weeks. During an eviction prevention webinar on Wednesday, federal officials urged local leaders to use the more than $46 ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: It's time to end the free ride.
U.S. life expectancy fell by a year and a half in 2020, the largest one-year decline since World War II, according to new report from the CDC. LA Times
VOA VIEW: The pandemic fear and threat caused low extremes.
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that a woman who said she was sexually abused by a Catholic priest cannot seek damages decades later. The 5-2 decision said the state’s statute of limitations blocks Reneé Rice from suing the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Altoona-Johnstown or her alleged attacker, Rev. ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: 10 years is a long time.


Rep. Bennie Thompson has withdrawn from a lawsuit he filed against former President Donald Trump, Trump lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani and the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers groups over the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. Mr. Thompson, Mississippi Democrat and chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, pulled ... Washington Times
A Democratic proposal that would give Black people more federal aid than White people to make down payments on homes is bringing charges of reverse racism and threats of lawsuits. Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, proposed the race-based down-payment program to be included in President Biden’s $3.5 trillion package of ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: There is no question of reverse discrimination.
The Pentagon was dragged deeper into the political fray Wednesday as the military's top uniformed officer faced repeated questions about his view on "White rage" and whether he crafted private plans to stop President Trump from staging a coup to stay in power. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The military is far from being "A" political.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell implored Americans to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus Tuesday and said they should ignore the "demonstrably bad advice" of some people arguing otherwise. "It never occurred to me, after three highly effective vaccines were developed in under a year, that we'd have difficulty getting ... Washington Times

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More than a dozen red states have joined the defense of Arkansas’ law banning transgender surgery and hormones for children after civil liberties groups went to court to overturn the bar on gender dysphoria treatment. Seventeen states filed a brief with the Eastern District of Arkansas this month, arguing the ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: This is total madness.
Sen. Rand Paul plans to contact the Department of Justice about potentially criminally investigating Dr. Anthony S. Fauci for allegedly lying to lawmakers, the Kentucky Republican said late Tuesday. "I'll be sending a letter to the Department of Justice asking for a criminal referral because he has lied to Congress," ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Fauci is a lying fraud.
Maj. Gen. Stephen Maranian was reinstated Wednesday as commandant of the U.S. Army War College after a months-long investigation into claims of abusive sexual contact found "no probable cause" that he committed the offense. Washington Times


Congress should repay the National Guard more than $500 million the cash-strapped force spent to send troops to secure the U.S. Capitol following the Jan. 6 riot, the Guard’s primary advocacy group says. More than 26,000 Guard members put jobs and family obligations aside to protect the Capitol Building and ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Maybe they will think twice in the future.
A California appeals court has ruled that a state law requiring nursing home staff to refer to transgender residents by their preferred pronouns violates the First Amendment. The court said the pronoun provision was a “content-based restriction on speech” that runs afoul of the Constitution because it compels nursing home ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: A righteous decision.
The Biden administration has revealed new details of Chinese cyberattacks on American critical infrastructure starting nearly a decade ago, amid an ongoing effort to expose what the U.S. and its allies say is the extent of China’s malicious cyber actions aimed at the U.S. and other foreign targets. China-sponsored attackers ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: China must pay for their illegal actions.
Rogue governments are increasingly outsourcing cyberattacks to criminals in the borderless domain of cyberspace to wreak havoc on the U.S. and other nations around the world. China, Iran, Russia and other foreign adversaries have contracted with hackers, deployed sophisticated spyware technology and used social media platforms as tools to facilitate ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The only lesson is for the US to fight fire with fire.
A federal judge in Arkansas on Wednesday issued a temporary injunction to block a first-of-its-kind state ban on gender-affirming care for transgender minors. ABC
VOA VIEW: There more to the issue.

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New York City health workers will be required to get vaccinated for COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio. ABC
VOA VIEW: It's a reasonable compromise.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday rejected Republican Jim Jordan for the select committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol. ABC
VOA VIEW: A one sided Dem favored committee,
Another 2.2 million payments are landing in bank accounts and mailboxes, with some people getting "plus-up" payments. CBS

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CBS News medical contributor Dr. David Agus weighs in on a new study that suggests the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine is less effective against the Delta variant. CBS
VOA VIEW: Bad PR for J&J.
The man who ran former President Trump's inaugural committee has been arrested on charges of acting as an agent of a foreign government. Nancy Cordes reports from Washington. CBS
VOA VIEW: More liberal anti Trump game.
Many states are facing another surge of COVID-19 cases. David Begnaud spoke with a COVID-19 patient in a Louisiana hospital who says he won't vaccinate because there are too many issues with the vaccine. CBS
Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the recent rise in COVID cases in Florida, and the push to vaccinate more Americans. Plus, how he believes the U.S. should respond to recent unrest in Cuba, Haiti and Afghanistan. CBS
VOA VIEW: The Dems are getting nervous.
White House staffers are among the latest examples of fully vaccinated individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. The breakthrough infections came as the Delta variant drives a surge in cases across the U.S., prompting both liberal and conservative leaders to urge people to get vaccinated. Weijia Jiang reports. CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden has has no clue what to do.
The preliminary vote failed 49 to 51. CBS
VOA VIEW: As they should.
The CDC says the pandemic was responsible for almost 74% of the decline. Black Americans and Hispanic Americans fared the worst. CBS
VOA VIEW: More guess work.
Local officials in at least five U.S. states are now advising all residents to wear masks in public indoor settings — whether they are vaccinated or not. CNBC
VOA VIEW: The mandates are starting to push people back.
Biden administration officials urged states and cities on Wednesday to move quickly to get rental assistance to households that have fallen behind. CNBC
VOA VIEW: This is becoming a give me society.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said Wednesday he wouldn't comment on a recent book excerpt alleging he was so shaken that then-President Donald Trump and his allies might attempt a coup or take other dangerous or illegal measures after the November election that the general and other top officials informally planned ways to stop Trump. CNN
VOA VIEW: Milley says the military is "A" political, yet he is behind CRT and now allegedly says he was scared of a coup.
The Abolitionist Teaching Network protected its Twitter account after a Fox News report revealed its connection to the Biden administration. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Biden is backwatering on his CRT promotion.
A White city leader captured on video using a racial slur toward Black people during a council meeting said he won't apologize, and might run for mayor. Others are calling for his resignation. FOX News
VOA VIEW: No one should use racial slurs, including blacks and white.
The Biden administration said "it was an error" to promote a radical group that advocated for educators to "disrupt Whiteness and other forms of oppression." FOX News
VOA VIEW: Biden backwaters after getting caught.
Just days after condemning Chinese hackers for perpetrating cyberattacks worldwide, President Joe Biden's administration is sending its second-highest ranking diplomat to the Asian country, officials said Wednesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: The Biden administration made many flubs in dealing with China.

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